Behdad Egbhali still confident in Graham Potter and wants him for a long term

It was recently announced that Behdad Egbhali, the new co-owner of Chelsea, met with manager Graham Potter to inform him that the club still believes that he is the right choice to lead them in the long term. The club believes in Potter’s vision and plan of action, and they have committed to giving him the necessary resources and time to prove his worth.

This is a clear sign of faith from the club and its owners, who have made it clear that there will be no knee-jerk reactions should Potter not be able to deliver on his promise. This is reassuring for both Potter and the fans, as it gives the manager time to implement his plan and build a successful team.

It is also a strong statement of intent from the club, highlighting that they are willing to commit to a long-term vision and give the manager time to prove himself. This is an exciting prospect for the club, as they look to build and improve on a successful season last year.

The club’s commitment to Potter is a show of faith, and one that should be welcomed by all Blues’ fans. It is clear that the club still sees Potter as the right man for the job, and with the right resources and time, he should be able to lead the team to further success. Furthermore, it goes to show that the club is not afraid to stick with their long-term vision and not be swayed by short-term fixes.

This is a positive move by Chelsea, and it gives Potter the time and resources he needs to implement his vision and build a successful team. It is clear that the club still has faith in Potter, and that they are willing to commit to the long-term vision. This is great news for all Brighton and Hove Albion fans, as it shows that the club is not afraid to back their manager and give him time to prove his worth.

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