Poland national team: Players discussed bonuses in dressing room

Bonuses for players is something that are very negotiated by the team management and the government whenever going on a tournament. Every country does that and players get to know the amount of money they will be receiving at every stage of the tournament.

The latest news on bonuses are coming from the Poland national team. And the situation is so immense that the head coach Michnuewicz Czeskław can loose his job for the national team. This is as a result of everyone of the Poland national team is demanding for big money.

The Prime Minister of Poland made a promise to give huge bonuses to these players for being kicked out from the group, WP SportoeeFakty reported on Monday. Even though, it wasn’t made officially, the amount that was to be given to the members was PLN 30 million.

But more information has been coming from that camp giving out how the atmosphere there is about.

The emerging news is that, in the locker rooms of the Polish team, the bonuses were part of the number of discussions that were to be discussed there. Meaning, during every Poland match in the World Cup, they will discuss about the bonuses in the locker room. And due to this, there were a lot of disagreements. As report says, the coach wanted 20 per cent of the money for the coaching staff of which the captain of the team, Lewandowski disagreed openly. However, they only wanted to give the coach and his staff 10 per cent share.

On how the money was to shared for the players, Lewandowski again disagreed with those who wanted the money to be shared according to number of minutes played. But later suggested that, it should be equally shared among them. So, all the 26 man squad gets equal money.

The situation is making the coach’s job under threat and the president of PZPN wanted the bonus surpass the national federation and be paid directly to the team members. He’s so furious about the whole situation.

A spokesperson for the Polish government also says that, the funds are not meant for the players but about giving a support to the Polish football. He added that, the funds for the bonuses will be granted.

For players to focus on matches to be played, they were rather busily discussing about bonuses to receive for exiting from the group. This will actually be a very concern for the Polish citizens and fans.

Now everyone will not have a good image if only you are surrounded with the team. And there will be a meeting between the Prime Minister and Robert Lewandowski, the captain to have some discussions that will best calm things down. Possibly, the meeting will be done on phone and won’t be a formal meeting for discussion.

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