Players with Hat-tricks in the history of World Cup

Have you been looking for which players that have scored three goals (hat-trick) in a single match? We therefore bring you the most of them scored with the players that have hat-trick of goals in the history of the World Cup.

Tomas Skuhravy

His hat-tricks came with a straight headers against Costa Rica in 1990. The first time of hat-trick in the knockout stage in Czechoslovakia.


Pele got all his goals when Brazil played against France in 1958. He’s then the most established young player(17 years and 244 days) in that time. It was a semi finals and Brazil won 5-2 against the host France.

Geoff Hurst

Geoff Hurst was a player who wasn’t a regular starter and had his breakthrough into the the Britain team in the quarter finals. He leveled and the match tied at 2-2 following an hour and half in the extra time. His shots hits the bar and straight down the line. The third goal was by means no debate and Britain got the win on 4-2. This was the 1966 World Cup at Germany. He was the striker for West Ham United.

Paolo Rossi

The match ended Italy 3-2 Brazil, thus in 1982. The goal came against Brazil. He actively got back playing with Juventus in the last three rounds of the 1981/1982 season after he was restricted from playing.

Paolo tracked down his structure against prior to detonating into life against Brazil and he finally scored his 3 goals. He was named as the best who did not win the competition. He again in the semi final scored two goals against Poland and one in the finals against West Germany. Rossi was a definitive World Cup super player. He in addition won the Golden Ball award for best player after topping the top scorer chart.

Oleg Salenko in 1994

In a little stage given, just man managed to be the top scorer. Russia lost their first match to Brazil, thus an opening match but again lost to Sweden ending in 3-1. Russia had to at least win their last match which was against Cameroon. He then scored five goals against Cameroon and those goals alone won him the player with most goals in the competition even though Russia had been eliminated earlier in the group stage. At the end, it was Russia 6-1 Cameroon.

Cristiano Ronaldo in 2018.

At the Russia 2018 World Cup, Ronaldo became the most established player to score a hat-trick at 33 years and 130 days. It was a game against Spain which ended in a 3-3 draw. He opened the score line and got his second when the first half was ending. The third goal came in the 88th minutes which was a free-kick.

Goncalo Ramos

In 2022 Qatar World Cup, Goncalo Ramos has become the latest player to add his name to the history books to have score hat-tricks in the World Cup. In a round of 16 match, Portugal won 6-1 against Switzerland. The younger striker at age 21, gave a masterclass performance, which was even the first time he had started for his team in the tournament.

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