Edouard Mendy rated amongst the worst goalkeepers in the Qatar World Cup| Teams that surprised

We’re already in the quarterfinals of the World Cup and this means that, the worst performed nations are to be exited and from each group stage, the top two qualified to the knockout round.

Today’s article is to see the teams that performed so worst and the individual people as well in this biggest stage.

The surprising team.

Ecuador pulled some good performances and surprises in this tournament. Looking at the statistics, Ecuador became the sixth team that did well in the group stages. They defended so well and very organized, and this is why they sit on the fifth position taking into consideration how they solidly prevented google chances created against them. In game play, they were too intense and counter pressing making them the seventh team in being efficient.

Saudi Arabia vs Argentina.

This game initially was not a game that attracted many attentions because, Argentina was all time favorites and have scored first in the first half and many goals decisions that were overturned to be an offside. Saudi Arabia in the second half did massively in a comeback to win against Argentina.

Germany vs Japan

We can’t just talk about Saudi Arabia vs Argentina and leaves out Germany and Japan. Offensively, the Germans were better and produced 25 shots against their opponent. Even tough the Germans dominated the Japanese, the Japanese won in a 2-1 score line, taking all three points.

Serbia was so poor in organizations especially at their back. They conceded so many chances and prevented them from progressing.

Ghana vs Portugal/ South Korea/ Uruguay

Team Ghana had a porous defense who conceded 7 goals and scored 5. This is the first time the team Ghana has scored its highest goals (5) in the World Cup. But due to their weaknesses, example; they conceded 2 goals within 3 mins against Portugal, 2 goals within 5 minutes against against South Korea, and 2 goals in 6 minutes against Uruguay. This shows how their players lacked concentrations during all the 3 matches played.

Worst goalkeepers.

These goalkeepers should have been outstanding but failed to give exceptional performances. They are;

Edouard Mendy

No doubt, he is a key player for the Senegalese team, in fact, it is through his individual brilliance that helped Chelsea to win their last Champions League trophy. But Mendy has dip in form. Currently the second choice keeper at club side losing the first position to Kepa. Truthfully, he had a very bad tournament. He is 30years and this might be his last World Cup.

Guillermo Ochoa (37yrs)

The Mexican keeper, he performed so averagely and could be worst if he had faced the shame shots the other goalkeepers were stopping or saving

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