Stress management is key in becoming successful player

Being stressful is one thing as humans, we can never overcome. But the best thing is how well we manage our stress life’s.

A case study is the Qatar 2022 World Cup. I am sure, probably you will be watching. In the group stage, all the teams played a match every three days. Being on top of your group, and the second runner up progresses to the next round. This shows that, each match played is crucial and relevant.
So what then happens for others to progress but others too not? It is perfectly known that, those who couldn’t manage their stress well failed.

There are different players coming into the tournament, some have seen this stage before and others are there for their first experience. But this isn’t a case that, your should not succeed because it’s your first experience. It is how you know the trick, the problems and how you provide solutions.

These are some of the ways you can follow to manage your stress when you are in crucial times. Remember that, our focus is on football. It will yield 100% results if at least all of the methods are used.

  • Train and get prepared for the match.

Training is important. It’s on the training ground that the coach tactics are first going to be tried and implemented to know it’s effectiveness. The training also will let you know if you are 100 per cent prepared for the match or not. And once fully prepared, your stress then becomes less.

  • Be positive.

Don’t be negative, use your stress in a positive manner. So you should be cautious of it, and let your abilities flow. Let the body take control, build on your strengths and try to show your full potentials whenever you are on the field.

  • Imagine playing.

You should be realizing that you are playing. Definitely there is a difference between the real playing and imagination. The imagination will let you know what you will actually want to do when finally on the pitch.

  • Relax and meditate.

The last method is very important. Prior to the start of the match, you should relax and meditate. Most players try listening to songs during this time. In doing so, you will have a feel of taking away any tension and a possible stress. Now from here, the only focus is in the stadium and you can’t wait for the match to start.

Just know that, since humans are different from one another, one could possibly use different styles to manage his or her stress. All the same, this is what we have and believe it will benefit many people especially the upcoming players.

Chrispine Osei

Passionate, Professional, and Analytical in sports. Seeking a position in sports where I can best utilize my knowledge and passion

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