Was Todd right sacking Tuchel?

The Chelsea fans are still not over the sacking of their former coach, Thomas Tuchel. Especially, seeing their team dipping in form and losing some crucial points, making a top four or champions league qualification a doubt.

But, what could be the problem? Is it from the new owners, players or the new hired coach (Graham Potter)?

Tuchel-Potter comparison

Chelsea under Thomas in defense had 38 games with 24 clean sheets and conceded 18 goals.
With Potter in Brighton and Hove Albion, he played 135 games, won 45, 47 matches lost and drawn 46, having a win rate of 31%

The Argument!

The argument is why should Todd bring in an average coach to replace a top class proven coach. And after his dismiss(TT), has the problem of scoring and winning been solved?

Tuchel once after a match criticized his players saying, the problems of the team still exists because we have the same players playing every week. That’s were the problem is. Tuchel got a squad which was never good in the league run but covered those cracks with competition games. Graham on the other side played good against the big teams in the league, drew and at times losing to them. However, Thomas also dominated these teams.

Then came a new ownership who spent huge sums of money in purchasing the club from Roman Abramovic. The new owners (Todd Boehly and his Consortium) may have had a strategy and they need more time to integrate their plans.

Fans should be patient (Fan base complaint)

There’s enough of the cynicism and negativity. The fan base have been complaining about Chelsea scouting Brighton players and hurriedly conclude Chelsea is becoming Brighton. It is ridiculous the are allowing their rival fans to feed their minds with such negativity. Liverpool bought sadio mane and later bought Van dyke from Southampton. Did it make them Southampton? Team’s or clubs always buy the best players from mid-table clubs to strengthen their teams.Again Liverpool, bought Robertson from celtic, Chelsea bought Mendy from rennes. So what is this noise about the club looking at Brighton players who have the stats to back why they are of interest to the club? Lastly, the Roman era has come to an end so is his style of managing the club. We now have to be a lot more efficient with our recruitment coupled with a stabilized technical team headed by a coach who needs time to deliver.

You can show all the stat to back Thomas Tuchel. He had his moment with Chelsea. He is history now. The truth is our football for a while had not been great. Chelsea is lagging behind the top brands of the game, who play productive attractive football. If that is not corrected, we will not be able to compete for higher revenues and a fanbase. We were in patients with Sarri and has caused us. Let’s understand football is changing and it’s no longer about big names.

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