Players that played for Manchester United and criticized their management.

Isn’t it alarming that, players who played for the club in some way criticized the management? Cristiano Ronaldo is new one to criticize them. Other ones were Angel Di Maria, Romelu Lukaku, Alexis Sanches and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Let’s all look at what they said,

Di Maria. Angel criticized the then coach, Louis Van Gaal saying the worst coach he has witnessed in his football career. He pointed out that, he wasn’t appreciated enough for scoring and giving assists but the coach will still show him passes he misplaced. Adding that they only signed him to sell shirts thus to make extra money without thinking about winning trophies.

Lukaku as felt the club did not want him. He reiterated that, the clubs has been doing certain leaks and considers them as dumb. Therefore, there was a need for him to move out.

Sanchez. He almost wanted his contract to be terminated so he goes back to Arsenal after he had his first training with United.

And Zlatan rounding it up that, Manchester United is lacks mentality and can be considered as a small club. He likened the club’s structure to an old school.

Eric Bailly, he thought the English players were favored by management as compared to other nationals saying equal chances is to be given to all.

Former Coaches

Not only players have criticized the team, it’s owners and management, but coaches they’ve hired has also did same.

Mourinho, once indicated that his biggest achievement in Manchester United is to become second because no one knew what was happening in behind the scenes.

Van Gaal also added that, the club is always concentrating on the commercial aspects first before other things.

Ralph Rangnick, he opted that the club needs should get more facilities and the whole structure needs to be changed.

All these comments certainly indicated that, whatever Ronaldo said is what’s happening in the club.

However, it is believed that, the interview has not had any effect in the United dressing room and feels that Rooney’s attack are needless.

Per speculations, Man United may do away with Cristiano after the World Cup and Erik Ten Hag strongly agree without any distractions that Manchester United will be more stronger without Ronaldo. Meanwhile, Bayern Munich are preparing to bid for Cristiano in the window transfer this January.

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