Why Chelsea should consider keeping Graham Potter

The new owners of Chelsea appointed Graham Potter to be the new manager of the club in this new era after they sacked Thomas Tuchel.

His Brief Profile

Graham had returned to UK in June 2018 to coach Swansea City who had already been relegated to the Championship league. In this league, he helped them finish in the 10th position on the table and also helped reaching the quarterfinals of the FA Cup losing to top prime Manchester City.

In 2019, he then joined Brighton and Hove Albion signing a four year contract. His first year in the club, he finished it up on the 15th position trying to inculcate his style of play into his new players. Going to his second season with Brighton, he produced nice football ideas which made them have good results over Manchester United and Liverpool winning 4-0 and 2-0 respectively.

He was then on the fourth on the the league table with 13 points from 6 matches played. It is here, Todd Boehly and his co-owners signed him to Chelsea.

Time to address issues.

Sacking of managers

The previous owner, Roman Abramovic was known to be sacking coaches who doesn’t give results in the short term. His idea has resulted in the team’s ability to win trophies.

Chelsea have sacked the manager in 18 years for years and the last 5 years, it resulted us in winning 2 major trophies, 5 defeats in final cups, unbalanced squad and a no title challenging club.

On the other side, it seems that, the other clubs winning the Premier League trophy have been backing their managers. An example is Pep Guardiola of Man City and Jurgen Klopp from Liverpool.

Should Todd resign Tuchel?

Emphasing on the Premier League, Thomas produced 50 per cent record wins in the league. Gave 43 points from 29 games in 2020.

Chelsea needs a long project not a short term.

It’s has always been a failure if we don’t win immediately or lack ambition. Football nowadays have changed of which Chelsea should change also. Nevertheless, most clubs in the league are having projects and it’s working good for them. This same long term projects took Manchester City and Liverpool to win the league in 4 years and are still dorminating.

In the case GP, he transformed Brighton and built his own team which he implemented his style, saving them from the relegation zone to a top six contenders with a low budget squad.

Is it different here? Ideologies, if implemented same irrespective of where, it’s almost the same. With an elites players, this should go well and his philosophy should suits their play. He definitely needs time to do this. The squad must be rebuilt and leave out the players who wants to leave.

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