Why isn’t Donny Van De Beek playing?

Donny is one player everyone would admire when he was playing in Ajax. He has seen little to no game play ever since he joined Manchester United.

Donny is a player who really depends on the players that are around him. He plays better when those with him also plays better. It is fair to say, DVB still thinks he’s in the Ajax team and has never understood how Manchester plays.

In this ManU team, he looks weak, lost, slow and seem to have lose confidence whenever he plays. His struggling comes as he is used as a sitting midfielder. Whereas he’s more of a box to box player. For him to play exceptionally, he at least have to get those players who plays more to the front. The partnership of Fred and Mctominay will always expose DVB in play. For example, let’s look at the goal Garnacho scored the last time. McTominay played an intelligent role when he saw Garnacho upfront, he read the ball that fast and moved it forward. Donny could have played it sideways. In a front four, he plays really well and Fred and McTominay are not used in that system.

Van feels afraid of moving the ball forward, and does not desire to involve himself much in a game. He lacks the sharpness and hunger to impact in matches. It’s sad to see a goalkeeper having more touches than a sitting midfielder. Talking of this, he’s seen in making of more runs which in the end lacks good end products.

Has his career screwed?

Many will be blaming Manchester United of screwing his career. But literally, Donny has done himself no favors. He didn’t take the few chances given to him. Even on loan in Everton, he played less minutes.

In as much as we have talked about how he isn’t a fit in the Ten Hag’s team, there are certain positives about him. He has good movements. But with his position, there are Eriksen, Bruno, Fred and Scott who are always playing ahead of him. De Beek will however become good if given more game time and becomes match fits and lastly take his chances well.

De Beek on returning to the Red Devils: The dream is to stay fit for a longer period and try to help the team. I am in good shape now and I have to keep going, and take chances if they come.

Other Alternatives for him.

Donny should try and look at himself in another club in the January transfer. A move back to Ajax or any club either in Germany, Italy or France won’t be bad. For instance, he fits well in the AC Milan team and if this deal goes through, he’s good to resurrect his career back.

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