Students propagandize against Princof over allowance Fraud

In few ages down memory lane, collegians dared never to oppose PRINCOF for any decisions made hence it is traditionally and customarily against the culture of our dear nation.

Money! Money!Money! Seems to deteriorate that noble reputation PRINCOF has achieved over some moments which students uphold in high esteem.Yes we know that PRINCOF pledged to conduct themselves a nobility after they swore to honor their service. Indeed collegians have accorded PRINCOF a great honor.

Recently students have been more aggressive to make their feelings known to PRINCOF without any fear. Students have expressed their dissatisfaction with regards how PRINCOF has cunningly robbed them of their allowance which is their bonafide money to boost them up in their education.

A whooping sum of money worth 400gh is supposed to be given to students as part of their allowance which was paid to the school whilst they were on their assignment during their outprogram. Throughout this whole exercise, students managed to toil very hard to endure all the hardships till the completion of the exercise without.

Students have decided to summon PRINCOF to explain why they are reluctant to pay the money. It sounds very sad to hear that since the government made the payment into the coffers of PRINCOF, students haven’t heard any news from PRINCOF concerning the disbursement.

We desire nothing from PRINCOF but the payment of the table top money. That is what we require now to keep us calm. We are only making an official decree to demand the money from PRINCOF. We hope to hearing from the corridors of PRINCOF concerning the payment of the table top.

Contact: 0548846357
Let us unite to keep Ghana a safe country worth living.

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